Why Letterpress?

Feeding the 1918 Chandler & Price platen press.Feeding the 1918 Chandler & Price platen press

The answer is simple: craftsmanship. Each piece of paper is hand-fed into a lovingly restored letterpress. Colors are applied one at a time, each plate carefully matched to the next. Printing this way takes more time, surely, but the difference is tangible. Letterpress printing gives a project the right feel, a classic look updated for modern needs. Often, we use handmade or specialty papers that can be printed no other way. The result is a printed piece – say, a wedding invitation, business card, or personal stationery – that has the heft of history behind it and an unrivaled modern beauty.

Why Typecast Press?

Typecast Press has a reputation for creativity and wit, for crafting printed materials that stand apart for their beauty, whimsy and affordability. We have years of experience in graphic design and copywriting as well, of taking projects of all sorts from idea to completion, with an emphasis on personal service and attention to detail. Our machines – from Chandler & Price platen presses to Vandercook proof presses to a more “modern” Miehle Vertical – have been workhorses of the printing industry for many decades. But they’re far from ready for the pasture. By combining modern graphic design and platemaking methods with the old tricks of the tradesman, we’re working to make these antiques – and the lovely work they can create – relevant again.

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